About Us

....Kottayam Nature Society (KNS) is an organization committed to the cause of conservation. Registered under Charitable society's act (No.K 1/2001), the society strives to protect the natural environment of the region.
......Kottayam Nature Society incepted from the group working under the name Kottayam Committee for Environmental Protection which was actively interacting with the environmental issues in and around Kottayam.
......Wetlands and conservation of wetland biodiversity has been the thrust area for KNS from its inception. The annual 'Vembanad Water Bird Count' in and around Vembanad lake held since 2001 is the single most important activity of KNS. Society holds monthly programmes on a wide spectrum of conservation issues. The outreach programmes of KNS aim to build a solid base of nature lovers to work for the cause of conservation of environment.
......In the year 2000, the Society carried out a novel program called "Puzha Parayum Kathayariyan" in which more than 300 young children walked all along the banks of the river Meenachil in different groups at the same time on a particular day to see, learn and hear the story of the River Meenachil and after the walk these children gathered on the river bank to narrate their observations about the river.
......In the year 2004 ,the Society organized the programme "Meenachil Fish Count 2004", the very first Fish count carried out in India covering a single river, from its origin to the end in which more than 250 people from various walks of life participated.

Our Registered Office : Srinilayam, Near Union Club, Kottayam. 686001.

The President
: Dr.B.Sreekumar is an Orthopaedic surgeon and a bird watcher

Secretary : Dr.N.Unnikrishnan is a Botanist and a bamboo specialist.
Members :
There are forty active members consisting of scientists, professors, journalists, advocates, bank employees, Rtd. Govt. officials, businessmen, artists, photographers, social workers and students from different parts of Kerala.

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Mobile 9447289250, 9447140359
Email : kottayamnaturesociety@gmail.com